As a certified fitness instructor of over 10 years, I am always looking for new ideas to challenge and motivate my clientele. In the spring of 2002 while doing my aerobics, I was intrigued by a young man tossing (what looked like iron tea kettles) up in the air with the greatest of ease.


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Hi Dave!


As you know, I originally got involved with KB's by way of the RKC bootcamp style certification. It was good for what it was: Emphasis on technique both for ourselves and for teaching others along with a couple of bodyweight drills, and the "PT” philosophy of strength training thrown in for good measure.


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The trainers and clients took to kettlebells very quickly! They are a safe, fun, cost effective way to increase client retention, maximize profit per square foot of floor space, and bring back a modality that deserves a place in every fitness facility.


- Declan Condron
Former Personal Training Manager
Equinox NYC: Greenwich Avenue
Partner: PumpPod

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