Good morning!

Well, I made it back from the Big Apple. I want to thank you and your entire staff. I had a great time last weekend and learned more than you can believe, even though I will have to take the written test over again I was roached and had a lot on my plate last week I was able to grasp the theory after getting home and a few days rest, it all makes sense.

You and your staff have put together a top shelf program.


After reviewing the training manual (over time and with more sleep!) I am going to the physical therapy department to start using light weight KB’s in a physical therapy program. I figure the "U" shape handle/variable resistance arm application would really aid in our clinical balance program. I will let you know how it turns out.


Once again thanks again for the great high speed, low drag class! It was great, keep in touch. Keep swinging!


- Gordy Larsen
Personal Trainer
Former Parajumper

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