Hi Dave!


As you know, I originally got involved with KB's by way of the RKC bootcamp style certification. It was good for what it was: Emphasis on technique both for ourselves and for teaching others along with a couple of bodyweight drills, and the "PT” philosophy of strength training thrown in for good measure.



 What I got from the KBC course was most of this and a lot more. True, there was little less out on the floor time, but this didn't seem to matter as far as learning the drills and technique goes. We all had much more than an adequate "workout,” had fun and learned a heck of a lot to boot.


I thought I knew a lot, having even competed (if you could call it that!) in the Girevoy Sport, but was humbled on a couple of occasions, having been given new perspectives and pointers by Adam and his most able assistant, Stacy Yoshioka.


The KBC course was also far more academic than the RKC program, with its coverage of motor learning and neuromuscular activity involved with exercise in general and more so with the KB. I feel that this approach helped more in the understanding of this modality as well as added to its respectability in the fitness community. I mean, now, thanks to you guys, its recognized by all the major fitness/wellness organizations!


In closing, I'd like to thank you all for your hard work promoting this most worthy fitness tool, and for the opportunity to learn more from you in this program. I hope to be worthy to some degree to follow in your footsteps, spreading the good word. Hope to see you at the Level II soon!


Best regards,

John Sansone

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