As a certified fitness instructor of over 10 years, I am always looking for new ideas to challenge and motivate my clientele. In the spring of 2002 while doing my aerobics, I was intrigued by a young man tossing (what looked like iron tea kettles) up in the air with the greatest of ease.


By the time I was leaving, my curiosity was peaked so I stopped at the table and looked at the written information and waited to speak to the man giving the demonstration. His name was David Ganulin, and he was there to introduce “Kettlebell Strength Training.”


After speaking with David, I signed up right then and there for a 20 class package being offered at my gym! The rest, as they say, is history. I was so impressed with this new modality of strength training and conditioning that I wanted more… I wanted to share it with my clients. I took the 20 classes with David and by the end I wanted to get certified to be able to safely teach this to my clientele.


At this time, however, there was only one option available - KB Boot Camp with Dragon Door. David was trying to develop his own “Instructor Training Course" that would be recognized and approved by all the major fitness organizations out there. However, all good things take time, organization and support. In April of 2003, I went off to “Boot Camp” in pursuit of a learning experience!


My experience was one that left me speechless, exhausted and demoralized. Now if you are the type of person who likes to be screamed and yelled at, demeaned and drilled nonstop from 9 - 6pm on a dusty field (one hour for lunch)  lifting kettlebells that that are required weight to pass, but too heavy, (in other words you LIKE Boot Camp) then do not read any further!


However, if you are like me and like a more intelligent, sophisticated, gentler approach to learning, then KBC Instructor Training Workshops are for you! Am I saying it is “easier?” No way! I am saying, however, that the entire learning process is much more balanced and sane.


You not only get to do practical work with the kettlebell but you also get to know the science behind the why’sand how’s of what you are doing and why you are doing it! Now isn’t that unique? ;)


When I finished the two day workshop I was exhausted both physically and mentally! I do not even know if I passed the written test. But the one thing I did feel was that I walked away with the knowledge and confidence that I did not feel after my “boot camp” experience! 


KBC will WOW you with their accomplished techniques and their wonderful communication skills! Most of all, there is a mutual respect of professionals at this workshop. I do not know about any of you out there but I like being treated like an accomplished human being and professional, rather than paying over $2,500 (hotels, flights, etc) for an entire weekend to be yelled at and demoralized. 


Being a part of this workshop made me feel as if I had come home!


My thanks to KBC a job well-done! I look forward to future workshops with you. All the best success to Kettlebell Concepts!


- Name Witheld by Request

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