Let me begin by saying “Thank you” for an incredibly informative class this weekend. Dotti and I both came away with a new appreciation of the benefit of Kettlebells. When I worked out today, it was amazing how my thought processes have changed in regard to the movements and exercises.


I did not just do a clean, I consciously thought about having my body absorb the KB. I found my creativity significantly enhanced and I truly enjoyed putting them movements together. I felt a very strong mind/body connection that I did not have before. Never again will I limit myself to the traditional“ weight lifting” mentality. It’s hard to explain, but it is like being given a whole to freedom to explore just what movement my body is capable of.


The information that you provided gave me an understanding of the changes that I have seen in my body since starting to work with KB's. Never before had I even thought about how all the different systems of the body work together in movement. Who would think about the role that the nervous system plays in our everyday life and in working out? It all makes so much sense and you explained it so well. My father is 67 and is having difficulty with memory and some of his motor functions.


He has been given the OK by his cardiologist to begin a workout program. He and I used to work out together on a regular basis until he had some serious problems with his diabetes and CPD. I know I have to start him with baby steps and work him into KBs, but I can hardly wait to see what impact the movements have on him. When you explained how the nervous system stimulates our motor functions, problems solving, skills, etc., all I could think about is how this just might stimulate him mentally as well as physically.


It will be a very interesting experiment. I plan to set up a series of coordination and movement tests before we begin and then test them periodically to see what changes occur, if any. If you have any suggestions on how to best go about this to obtain “real” data, I would appreciate your guidance. Your class has sparked my desire to really learn all that I can about the human body and how it works. I do not want to just be another personal trainer. I truly want to help others improve themselves both mentally and physically. Thank you so much for being a true inspiration!


D. Berger

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