February 17, 2016


KettleBell Concepts and Anytime Fitness Announce Kettlebell Online Training Launch


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Dave Ganulin, CEO, KettleBell Concepts, 800-876-6090 x711
Vincent Metzo, Director of Education, KettleBell Concepts
Shannon Fable, Director of Exercise Programming, Anytime Fitness Corporate.

NEW YORK, February 17, 2016—KettleBell Concepts (KBC) announced that, in a partnership with Anytime Fitness, they will launch an “Online Foundations” kettlebell course geared strictly for fitness professionals. The course consists of video segments discussing history, safety, anatomy and biomechanics, exercise physiology and motor learning, and program design. In addition there are extensive videos of techniques demonstrated. The course includes nearly 150 minutes of video, a manual, and a 100 question multiple choice quiz, plus an optional video evaluation component. The course was narrated and created by Vincent Metzo, KBC Director of Education and Dean of the Advanced Personal Training Program at the Swedish Institute.

“We’ve been asked to create something like this for years by a number large companies and, frankly, I’ve always been against it,” said David Ganulin, KettleBell Concepts CEO & Founder. “However, I’ve known Shannon Fable for a long time and she, Vince, and I are all on the same page with regards to how to roll this out: How important it is to not give trainers too much info as to overload them, but also acknowledging the fact that, trainers everywhere (in any gym) may—no matter what—pick up kettlebells with no prior training and use them with clients. The better managers prohibit this, but it’s nearly impossible to enforce. At least this way, trainers who go through this will have a decent foundation.”


Metzo echoes Ganulin’s comments and adds, “As an educator, it was hard to accept the concept of teaching movement in a distance learning format. Having taken many online courses, I wanted to make this different and avoid the pitfalls and shortcomings of the courses I've seen. I'm confident we've created a unique and engaging course that represents the academic and practical experience that participants receive in our live course, while adding the convenience of an online, self-paced course. I think we've hit on a formula that provides the best of both worlds and positions participants to effectively and safely begin using kettlebells with their clientele and to be at the apex of the training field."


The Online Foundations course—while being launched with Anytime Fitness—is not exclusive and is open to anyone. It includes an optional video evaluation component where participants could video themselves demonstrating techniques and then send it back to the KBC headquarters for evaluation.


Shannon Fable, Anytime Fitness’ Director of Exercise Programming, says, “We’re excited KBC agreed to create this much-needed distance learning course for us. I’ve known Dave and Vince since Dave started KBC in 2002 and neither have ever wavered on the integrity and scope of the material they create. They’re continually asking fitness professionals to raise the bar—and we strive to help our clubs do the same through a variety of learning channels. While we’re unable to make something like this mandatory at all of our independently owned and operated gyms, we will certainly be communicating to our franchise owners about this amazing, and convenient resource. It will be our strong recommendation that trainers complete these modules to learn proper kettlebell use to enhance the safety and effectiveness of their programming. As with all education, we hope it doesn’t stop there; we anticipate many of our trainers will participate in live KBC education for that final Day 2 portion.”


During launch, a special section on the KBC website will be allocated for Anytime Fitness trainers and the price will be $74.00 for Anytime Fitness trainers for a limited period of time. The full price for access to the entire program for non-Anytime Fitness trainers is slated to be $169.00


“This will expand our presence significantly,” says Ganulin. “There a have been a good number of owners and companies that have approached us over the years, desperate for hands-on kettlebell education. However, they simply weren’t able to rally enough of their troops to make it happen, or were even unable to find space for two days for the full, 16-hour Level 1 Instructor training. They have a lot of options now. Owners, managers, personal training directors and group exercise directors can mandate that all staff must complete at least this course before using kettlebells with clients. Or, they can run a hybrid course where their staff can get advanced placement and ‘test out’ of Day 1 if they successfully complete the online foundations course and video evaluation component successfully. The club could then bring us in for Day 2, which would be a great deal of hands on work, more academics, and another, final practical exam.”



About KettleBell Concepts
In business since 2002, KBC is the industry leader in kettlebell education for qualified, currently practicing fitness professionals. KBC was one of the first to import kettlebells into the United States, the first to produce a CEC-approved course for the fitness industry, the first to introduce kettlebell training in a fitness industry trade show, first to conduct and publish the first ever English-language study on kettlebell training in a peer-reviewed journal, and much more. They have produced two industry conventions and have trained over 6,000 instructors thus far. KBC was responsible for bringing kb’s to Equinox and has since gone on to work with Crunch, TSI, Life Time Fitness, New York Health and Racquet, and many other fitness facilities nationally and globally. For more information go to or call 800-876-6090 x711.


About Anytime Fitness
Ranked #1 on Entrepreneur magazine’s prestigious Top Global Franchise list, Anytime Fitness is the fastest-growing fitness club franchise in the world, with more than 3,000 gyms and nearly 3,000,000 members worldwide. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Anytime Fitness prides itself on providing our members with surprisingly personable service in convenient and well-maintained facilities which feature top-quality exercise equipment. Clubs are now open in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Grand Cayman, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Qatar, Chile, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, the Philippines, Taiwan and Japan. Join one club and use them all. Franchised clubs are individually owned and operated.


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