Esther BlumEsther Blum, MS, RD, CDN, CNS is the author of Eat, Drink and Be Gorgeous.


In a break from other types of interviews KBC has done, we're pleased to introduce this very well rounded book to our women customers.


Esther has "helped show countless women how to put the fun back in eating, be a tigress in bed, eat and drink like a food fashionista, choose the right vitamins, feel up instead of feeling down and realize that life is too short to be on a diet the whole time!"


Unlike other books that focus on a "diet" rather than a more holistic approach, her approach entails a philosophy and lifestyle that treats the whole person, rather than one specific health problem.


Esther has 15 years' experience counseling thousands of clients and takes into consideration the physical, emotional and psychological needs of a person so that great healing can take place.




Frank DimeoFrank DiMeo is KBC's #1 affiliate! He's also the developer of Strength for the Streets program and runs Cross Fit Gulf Coast.

Click below to listen to Frank's 20 minute interview.

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