Kristen GagneIn this interview Kristen Gagne, Group Fitness Manager at Equinox-Woodbury (NY) discusses how excited her personal trainers are about having the potential to break into the "group fitness world" using kettlebells.


Kristen is a 17 year veteran in the field and has a Master's degree Health and Wellness & Physical Education. As Kristen is fond of saying:"Classes don't cancel on you!"



  • How KB's are perfectly positioned to help trainers slowly break in to the group exercise classroom
  • Why being a personal trainer means nothing when it comes to running a group exercise class
  • Why there is such a wide divide between group exercise and personal trainers? (Especially in NY and CA)
  • How to "bridge the gap" for yourself as a professional and earn more money!
  • Solid tips and advice from a 17 year veteran
  • Why group fitness isn't just for women and how it got that reputation to begin with!



Lorna KleidmanKBC couldn't be prouder of Lorna Kleidman, KBC Level 1 Instructor and the first woman in the United States to ever secure the ranking of Master of Sports - International Division. She is the FIRST American to achieve the HIGHEST title awarded in kettlebell sport- Master of Sport International Level! (MSIL.)


Lorna qualified for, and completed in the 15th International Girevoy Sport Championship held in San Diego December 1st and 2nd, 2007. This event was hosted by United States Girevoy Sport Federation (USGSF), of which Lorna is also a certified instructor.


In the under 60 kg weight category, Lorna achieved 193 snatches with the women's required 16kg / 35lb kettlebell. She also earned a Gold medal in her age category, and Silver in weight category. (That's right folks! 193 snatches in 10 minutes. Not a typo!)


Lorna is 42 years old and is a licensed massage therapist. She teaches out of New York City and you can email her at for information on her classes. For information on Girevoy Sport, scroll down and listen to our interview with Dmitri Sataev, President of the USGSF for a comprehensive introduction to GS.


Lorna studied extensively with KBC Senior Partners, Adam Cronin and Michelle Khai for two to three years straight and never missed a training session! She also worked extensively with Dmitri as well.




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