Keli RobertsKeli Roberts is a world renowned fitness educator, trainer and the award recipient of the 2003 IDEA International Instructor of the Year.


Keli is a Senior Instructor in the KBC group fitness program.


In this interview she discusses:

  • Why some group exercise instructors are hesitant to use the KB and what can be done about it? 
  • (The answer may surprise you!) (Forward to the 11 minute 40 second mark for the quick answer!)
  • Why women will NOT look like Arnold if they pick up heavier weights
  • How the industry has changed from "Slimnastics," to 5lb dumbbells, to the present
  • Trends of the group ex market and why the KB is perfectly positioned right now
  • Why it is absolutely imperative that instructors who want to teach this modality to clients/customers learn in a hands on environment

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