Kristen GagneIn this interview Kristen Gagne, Group Fitness Manager at Equinox-Woodbury (NY) discusses how excited her personal trainers are about having the potential to break into the "group fitness world" using kettlebells.


Kristen is a 17 year veteran in the field and has a Master's degree Health and Wellness & Physical Education. As Kristen is fond of saying:"Classes don't cancel on you!"



  • How KB's are perfectly positioned to help trainers slowly break in to the group exercise classroom
  • Why being a personal trainer means nothing when it comes to running a group exercise class
  • Why there is such a wide divide between group exercise and personal trainers? (Especially in NY and CA)
  • How to "bridge the gap" for yourself as a professional and earn more money!
  • Solid tips and advice from a 17 year veteran
  • Why group fitness isn't just for women and how it got that reputation to begin with!



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