In August of 2013 KettleBell Concepts, thanks to our friends at Iron Company, was approved for the GSA Schedule for a variety of Instructor Trainings geared specifically for military personnel.

Level 1 Instructor Training is the same as our Level 1 training for fitness professionals. It meets the immediate needs of both independent and facility-affiliated fitness professionals looking to implement kettlebells in a boot camp, semi-private/small group profit center, or one-on-one personal training environment.


Military Operator Basic Training Course (KBBT): This is 1-day training geared toward non-fitness professionals and base personnel wanting to learn basic to intermediate kettlebell lifts for their own improved conditioning. Attendees will learn and practice specific exercises, routines, and progressions designed to maintain peak operational readiness.


Physical Readiness Training Instructor Course (KBPRT): This 1-day training provides command fitness leaders and other key personel with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to lead unit PT using kettlebells and calisthenics. After completing the Military Operator KBBT course, candidates are eligible for the KBPRT Instructor course. This covers the teaching methodology, progressions, cueing, and group training techniques necessary to lead, teach, and progress your unit through a kettlebell training program. Basic movement screening for injury prevention and testing batteries to chat unit and individual progress are covered for a comprehensive and sophisticated program for the tactical athlete.


Senior Military Instructor Training: This 1-day training is for certified, credentialed fitness professionals currently working with the Armed Forces. The prerequisite is the KBC Level 1 Instructor Training. This 1-day training is designed to create an onsite KBC Senior Instructor for receiving commands and units. Course instruction includes teaching techniques, physical competency, and presentation evaluation. Passing participants will be able to deliver the KBBT and KBPRT Instructor Courses.


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