Integrated Functional Explosive Training (I.F.E.T)


Our I.F.E.T Boot Camp Instructor Training (Level 1) meets the immediate needs of both independent and facility-affiliated fitness professionals who may not yet be ready to integrate solely kettlebells into the small group environment.


The IFET branded boot camp uses various implements to ease students (who may otherwise be a bit unsure/intimidated about kettlebells) into them gently. IFET is meant to be implemented solely as a semi-private/small group profit center. The IFET Instructor


Training course will cover:

  • Design small group personal training and boot camp style training workouts and progressions for implementation in a club, studio, or outdoor venue.
  • Describe and design programs that integrate functional explosive training in a scalable progression for clients/groups at all levels of the health fitness continuum.
  • Safely and effectively integrate tools including ropes rings sand bags medicine balls dumbbell and kettlebells into program designs relevant to client, group or team goals and needs.
  • Perform and coach/teach primitive movement pattern drills for warm up, work capacity and skill development.
  • Perform and coach/teach in cadence calisthenic drills for warm up, endurance, strength, work capacity and skill development.
  • Perform and coach/teach reactive and explosive plyometrics for injury prevention, skill, and power development.
  • Perform and coach/teach basic explosive and Olympic exercises with dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, rings and sandbags.
  • Design energy and movement specific programs and workouts for general physical preparation, weight loss and fitness.
  • Design energy and movement specific programs and workouts for performance enhancement and work capacity.
  • Describe and interpret results of vertical jump, horizontal jump, medicine ball throw, shuttle run, 40yd dash, octagon test and other performance measures, and movement pattern tests.
  • Perform and coach/teach basic work capacity exercises with ropes, rings, sandbags, and other suspension modalities.


  • 1.6 CEU's from ACE, NSCA, NCSF, NFPT, NASM, ISSA, and others. 9.5 from AFAA.
  • $399 for all trainers who work full/pt time at the hosting institution. (Two payment option is available on the website or via phone.)
  • $499 for all "outside" trainers
  • Travel expenses for KBC Master Instructors are the responsibility of the hosting facility. (For larger trainings, KBC usually bears some of this cost. Call 800-876-6090 x711 for more information).
  • All registrations must be completed on the KBC website or by calling the KBC office. KBC's corporate provides all manuals, paperwork & course administration. The hosting site focuses on marketing the course in conjunction with KBC. Marketing material will be provided. (Posters, social media presence, sample press releases, access to KBC Intranet, and more!)
  • There is a minimum number of students required to host a training. Conditions will vary depending on the facility. Call or email us for more details.
  • 55 trainers max.
  • One comp is provided to the hosting facility to be used at their discretion. (A $499 value.) All comp'd students must be registered on the class list.

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