The #1 Most Frequently Asked Question KBC Receives From Gym & Spa Owners Is:

"What's the best configuration for my particular facility?"


KBC has outfitted all size gyms from our inception and has extensive experience in this area.


The Not-So-Good News: Despite your best efforts to find one "best package" to ease your purchasing decision, it simply does not exist. You can never be sure about the split of men to women in the class, fitness level and so on.


The Good News: The guys over at Iron Company do a great job. We've been working with them for years and they have over 20 years experience outfitting fitness facilities. Tell them we sent you! 

The Great News: Down the road you will absolutely need to buy more bells because your classes will be well attended IF you marketed and promoted them correctly. You will definitely want to "tweak" your initial purchase as your class progresses and students get stronger and more efficient with their KB techniques.

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