Over the years, KBC has been approached by a good number of vendors who wished to enter into some sort of joint venture with us. We feel strongly that Instructors who work with KBC should also know about the services and products of other companies that we've personally worked with over time. We're pleased to recommend the below companies wholeheartedly and hope it helps when it comes to building (or scaling!) your own business.


 Far and away the leader in the studio management space, MindBody Online is number one for a reason. They're constantly innovating and they don't try and "be all things to all people." They do what they do really, really well and we're proud to recommend them. Click here or on the image for a one month free trial.  



Promotion VaultThe gift card industry is a 160 BILLION dollar business and it is--hands down--one of the best things you can offer members and prospects. Promotion Vault is the best in class digital incentive platform for enterprise marketing programs, nationwide by a LARGE margin. We love these guys for a LOT of reasons, not the least of which is that everything is digital, tracked, and completely automatic and HUGE brands like Retro Fitness, Work Out World and others are already using the platform. You pay ONLY if the client redeems the card and pricing is appropriate for absolutely EVERY size facility. Again, this is 100% digital and they have relationships with Nike, Whole Foods, Lululemon, Amazon, Athleta, B&N, CVS, Ticketmaster, Old Navy, Best Buy, and on and on....anything your members could possibly want! You pay ONLY if a member or prospect redeems their offer. That's it. No monthly charges. No gift cards to stock or print. 

Contact Maria at (212) 695-9530 or email info@embroidme-midtownnyc.com and tell her we sent you! 

Looking for custom apparel or promo products for your gym or clients? The trusted team at EmbroidMe provides anything from apparel to thousands of promotional products. Like all vendors mentioned here, KBC has first-hand experience with the EmbroidMe. As part of the world’s largest screen printing and promotional products franchise, Maria's team can guarantee you products and services with world-class craftsmanship and excellent customer service. Each EmbroidMe store is independently owned and operated, but is also part of a successful global company. Thus, you will receive consistently high-quality service at any EmbroidMe location. Your EmbroidMe store is a part of the local community, just like you! All staff members receive extensive training and are highly skilled at offering the branding solutions you need. KettleBell Concepts is proud to be associated with such a trusted brand and partner.


Local Mobile Marketing Solutions is the separate marketing agency founded by KBC CEO,  David Ganulin. Geared specifically for "local" (brick and mortar) service businesses, Local Mobile can provide everything a fitness professional could possibly need to get up and running. We specialize in building and launching websites, SMS (text message) marketing, local buzz/optimization, social media management, all for prices that are completely affordable for all fitness professionals, regardless of whether or not you're just getting started or need to kick things up a notch with your marketing. KBC has been in business since 2002. The team we use for Local Mobile are the vendors we have come to rely on for KBC. We'll save you the time, energy, and money and are happy to give you the benefit of the (many!) mistakes we've made over the years. 


As you look to build your business, establish your personal brand and grow your client base, having the right resources and community in place can make a difference for your growth. We want to make you aware of Body Local, a community for health and wellness professionals committed to personal and professional growth, learning and connection, to get this access. Body Local's membership benefits include:

  • *Regular member events for building relationships with potential referral sources by meeting other wellness practitioners.
    *Access to tools and resources to grow your business.
    *Coaching calls to build a support network.
    *Requests for nutrition product samples at events.
    *Discounts on new products that can help you support your clients.
    *Consider membership now to take your business to the next level.

    You can find more about membership here.

nccpt logo landscape smallClick here to start your career as a Personal Trainer or Group Fitness professional today! KBC has known John Platero (the Founder of the NCCPT)  for many years and we're proud to recommend his programs as a great entry point to your career in the fitness industry.  

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