Roger Harvey

Roger is the former COO of Crunch Fitness. He was there for 13 years and helped build the brand along with founder Doug Levine and a dedicated, loyal team of talented people.


He helped to negotiate the sale to Bally's for $95 million and then again for the remaining pieces in 2006 to Angelo Gordon for $45 million.


As Rog will tell you, "Personally, I believe that the most important work that I did at Crunch was not the sale of the company...


... but rather was in the way that I helped keep the team's attention focused on the core of the strategic brand development. Without that, the sale prices would have only been a small percentage of what they actually were: We told a story that people believed in and then we consistently delivered on the promises that the brand made."


Roger currently serves as KettleBell Concept's COO, but that isn't putting things strongly enough. He's been integral to so many aspects of our company on so many levels. The fact that he's given us as much time as he has over the past four years is incredible and we are continually grateful. Roger, along with our Director of Education, Vincent Metzo-remain a crucial part of the KBC Team.


In addition to working with KBC, Roger also currently serves as a management consultant for a growing portfolio of businesses, both in and out of the fitness industry.


His largest current project is Shecky's Media, a marketing, events and media company specializing in a specific target demographic - professional women in their 20's, 30's and 40's. Shecky's reaches these consumers through various large-scale public and private events across the country and strategic marketing partnerships with major women's brands, as well as through editorial content updated daily on


Roger also is a minority partner in and management consultant for Big Al's Family Fitness, a 50,000 square foot gym on Long Island. Some of the other brands currently on his active client roster include: Gotham GymActive Resistance Training Method,  Bike and Roll NYCJem Warren Music and i2i Entertainment


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