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David first encountered kettlebells (and other fun, torturous devices!) while studying martial arts during his five years living and working as a college professor in Japan. He has a Master’s in Teaching, Curriculum and Development from the University of Rochester and speaks Japanese.


Furthermore, Dave is a certified Pilates instructor and holds multiple certifications as a personal trainer, including the USAW Club Coach. He has appeared on the Early Show (CBS), Fox News, Morning News (WB11), Inside Fitness with Bonnie Kaye (CBS) and the ABC News and did all the marketing and PR for KBC from 2002-2009. He has served as the fitness editor for (now defunct),, edited four books on martial arts with YMAA Press, and has published articles in Muscle Media, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Fitness, Black Belt, Not Just Fitness and others.


Beginning in 2002 while working at the Sports Club-LA as a personal trainer, Dave began lugging kettlebells all over NYC in his backpack to nearly every large (and small) boutique gym there was in an attempt to help revive the modality.


He was promptly laughed out of 99.9% percent of them. Eventually he sat down with Dr. Paul Juris, Ed.D - then the current head of the Equinox Fitness Training Institute (EFTI) and now a Senior Researcher at Cybex. Dr. Juris was one of a very small handful who knew immediately what they were and said, "Ok. Let's do something with them!"


Dave was the first kettlebell instructor at Equinox and began teaching small group, semi-private classes all over NYC while simultaneously working to get other trainers to see the validity in the modality as well. It took time, but it started to gain momentum rather quickly.


He headed the development of the industry's first CEC/U approved kettlebell course for fitness professionals which deployed to many gyms nationwide in 2003. His plan is to make sure that kettlebells find a place in every gym, with properly trained instructors at the helm to bring them to their clients!


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