KBC Master Instructors are authorized to lead certain KBC instructor trainings and are indicated by the Master Instructor Icon. If your Master Instructor is not listed below, he or she was not trained by KBC.


KBC takes great pride in the qualifications and incredible background of its staff. If you have any questions regarding an instructor's standing, please contact us immediately at 800-876-6090 x711.

Yuri Petunovs

Yuri is a KBC Sn Instructor and the sole and exclusive representative for the IUKL in the United States. He owns Health Factory USA in CT. One of his goals is to work hand in hand with the IUKL in Latvia and work hard to spread Girevory Sport (GS) in the USA.


Yuri holds multiple certifications a fitness professional. He is FMS/SFMA (Functional Movement Screening) certified in addition to ISSA, WFF (World Fitness Federation) and has a four year Physical Education degree. 


Yuri was also a competitive bodybuilder and ju-jitsu practitioner. He placed 1st in the European Fitness Championship-WFF and 2nd in the World Fitness Championship. He's the winner of numerous international championships around Europe as well as the winner of the Renzo Gracie Invitational and NAGA (National Grappling Association) in 2009.


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