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Eve is a Master Instructor of Kettlebell Concepts. She was the lead author and inspiration behind the first version (2002) of KBC's Level 1 Instructor Course and  is the founder of The Primal Roots Center for Activation in Miami, FL.

Roots: A product of the World’s Fair, 1967 where her parents met, she was born in 1974 in New York. Eve learned about eastern philosophies from the first-in-her-family-college educated-non-Catholic Irish father and Christianity from her first-in-her-family-to-leave-Korea-highly-educated Korean mother. They both believed in an innate primal way to live to cultivate health, abundance and prosperity, which started with care of one’s self.


She was born with asthma, Hashimoto’s disease (a congenital hypo-thyroid disease) and such a twisted spine that the doctors gave her a permanent "get out of gym" pass.  But nothing could stop her love of movement and the vibrant feelings of being alive that coursed through her veins to her soul as she ran, danced, played, and laughed. Eve spent her whole life, and the last 20 years professionally, living to discover and share practical ways to infuse the self with vital life force to live with passion. 

My Purpose: In Eve's words, "I have spent my entire life asking one thing:"What is the best way to live? And I have found that only be answered from within ourselves. Along the way I found only one universal truth that unites us all: The better you care for your health, the greater vital life force you have, the more infused with potential for love and passion to activate and manifest anything that is meaningful to you and whatever you believe in - family, relationships, career and love of life’s special moments. I would like to share what I have discovered with you."

My Mission: To change the reality of the world, one reality at a time, by activating the potential in each of us.


Academics: Eve co-created with Michelle Khai and Dr. Tedd Keating the first kettlebell research in English, which was presented at the NSCA National Conference in 2004. Previously, she served as Director of Education for Evolution Studio in NYC, as well as Equinox Fitness Training Institute Manager working directly under Dr. Paul Juris, teaching 1500+ lecture hours and certifying 1200+ trainers. Further, Eve was also the Personal Training Manager of Equinox Fitness clubs’ largest personal training operation at the flagship location on Greenwich Avenue in NYC (voted “Best Gym in NY” by New York Magazine.)


Eve is a USA Weightlifting Senior Coach, LWC referee, and competitive Olympic weightlifter, having won gold at the East Coast Gold Cup Challenge '02-'03. In addition, she is a CSCS, ACSM-HFI, MES and has managed the training programs of a wide variety of clientele, including many celebrities, pro to amateur athletes and a two-time Olympic silver medalist equestrian. Contextually based activity & performance enhancement program creation is her forte, having created programming for equestrian, kite surfing, tennis, wrestling, martial arts, squash, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, mountaineering, golf, ballet and more.


Media credits include: Today in New York (NBC), News 4-New York (NBC), Good Morning America (ABC), Good Day NY (FOX), Nightly News (NBC), Inside Fitness with Bonnie Kaye(CBS), The Early Show (CBS), UPN 9 News, WB 11 News, Asahi TV, GQ, Men’s Journal, Shape, Self, JD Jungle, NY Times, Daily News and the NY Post.


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