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Larry Twohig

Larry holds a BS in Physiology from Cornell and multiple certifications. He has competed in Olympic-style Weightlifting, Muay Thai and Strongman and is a certified USAW Club Coach and a Thai Boxing Instructor.


For eight years he worked as a personal trainer, fitness manager and personal training manager at Equinox Fitness Clubs in Manhattan. For two years he worked in Southeast Asia and Australia, serving as editor-in-chief of IRONMAN magazine. In 2008 Larry co-founded The Fitness Cell, turning a mom and pop business (Boaz Fitness Studios) into a 7-figure juggernaut.


In developing his latest brand, Larry aims to present a CULTURE, a structure, for living that is a catalyst for ceaseless change. He believes in meshing the new with the tried-and-true and challenging individuals based on needs, constraints and substrates... while holding them accountable for their results. He sees no reason why aesthetics and performance cannot go hand-in-hand. As a result, his clients, ranging from celebrities to the elderly to the pregnant, have reaped the rewards of their hard work and his thoughtful programming.


David Ganulin, CEO of KettleBell Concepts introduced Larry to kettlebells 13 years ago and they remain an integral component in his purposeful training method.


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