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Jude Howe

Jude is a lifelong athlete and recreational weight lifter, Jude decided in 2005, to turn his hobby into a career. So in January of that same year, he began his professional training education under the tutelage of John Black of Blacks Health World and exercise physiologist Barry Herman.


Those who know John, will remember him from his days as a world class powerlifter alongside greats like, Fred Hatfield and Louie Simmons. Later that year Jude met good friend and mentor David Morgan, who introduced him to Russian kettlebell lifting. He also shared with him volumes of literature from the minds of Mel Siff, Yuri Verkhoshansky, Mike Boyle, Dave Tate and many others.

Jude has earned certifications with The International Sports Sciences, The Cleveland Institute of Exercise, The International Kettlebell Fitness Federation, Kettlebell Concepts and The American Red Cross/CPR.


Jude now lives in Austin, Texas and owns The Austin Underground Strength Academy, where he coaches and trains people from all walks of life, such as competitive martial artists, high school athletes and those just new to strength training. Jude also has just been selected by Kettlebell Concepts, as their sole representative in the state of Texas to carry out certifications in their name.


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