KBC Master Instructors are authorized to lead certain KBC instructor trainings and are indicated by the Master Instructor Icon. If your Master Instructor is not listed below, he or she was not trained by KBC.


KBC takes great pride in the qualifications and incredible background of its staff. If you have any questions regarding an instructor's standing, please contact us immediately at 800-876-6090 x711.

Dave MorganDavid has a Masters Degree in Health and Exercise Physiology. He has conducted local NSCA seminars on Kettlebell training with the encouragement of KBC.


He holds a CSCS*D from the National Strength and Conditioning Association and had a long career coaching wrestling for 36 years at Maple Heights High School, one of Ohio's premier Wrestling programs. He has also coached football, cross-country and track and field. Dave was a nationally ranked Master's Track and Field athlete and has mentored hundreds of successful high school athletes in all of those sports, many going on to be outstanding competitors in college.


You can find out more about Dave on his website.


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