KBC Master Instructors are authorized to lead certain KBC instructor trainings and are indicated by the Master Instructor Icon. If your Master Instructor is not listed below, he or she was not trained by KBC.


KBC takes great pride in the qualifications and incredible background of its staff. If you have any questions regarding an instructor's standing, please contact us immediately at 800-876-6090 x711.


Steve Feinberg is the KBC Group Fitness Master Program Designer and Educator for International Programming. With 18 years of industry experience, Steve is well known for the implementation of group fitness/wellness programs across premier facilities, universities, community associations, and residential/corporate fitness centers.


He is also highly regarded as a group exercise instructor for a variety of classes – ranging from formats based on martial arts and strength/conditioning to trending modalities such as ViPR and Kettlebells.  Steve owns and operates Speedball Fitness LLC, a global brand with classes at Equinox in New York City and facilities in Europe and Canada. Steve created the Speedball class format and developed the Instructor training program. He presents Speedball Fitness classes and workshops worldwide.


Steve is a trusted source for fitness expertise, regularly appearing in a variety of local, national, and international media. His specialties include boxing, martial arts, cycling, para-natal fitness, preventative strength and conditioning, and functional athletic movement. Steve maintains the following certifications:

  • ACE
  • AFAA
  • Circular Strength Training
  • Heart Zones Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor Level I
  • KettleBell Concepts Master Instructor
  • Maternal Fitness
  • Schwinn Cycling
  • Training for the Sport of Motherhood
  • USA Boxing Certified Amateur Coach
  • ViPR

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