KBC Master Instructors are authorized to lead certain KBC instructor trainings and are indicated by the Master Instructor Icon. If your Master Instructor is not listed below, he or she was not trained by KBC.


KBC takes great pride in the qualifications and incredible background of its staff. If you have any questions regarding an instructor's standing, please contact us immediately at 800-876-6090 x711.



Known to his colleagues as House and Master Yoda, Ted Recitas is a highly skilled trainer.


Ted is known to take on those “difficult” clients--those often with medical and or physical limitations. He is undaunted in attaining the client’s fitness and health goals.


Ted works with the medical professionals to insure the clients goals are attained in an appropriate manner. Presenting for organizations like Equinox and the NSCA , Ted brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and is often utilized by other professionals around the world as a resource. So who the heck is this guy that chronicles the adventures of Fatherhood and Fitness on his site, eats pork and yet greets his Jewish clientele and friends with Chag Sameach during the holidays?  In Ted's own words. . . .


"Let me tell you…I’m a father of a beautiful son who refuses to answer when called, unless I call him Anak, an endearing Filipino term for child.  I was born and raised in New York.  I’ve been in the fitness industry for about 12-14 years, with 90-95% of that time spent in some sort of leadership role training trainers, driving revenue and or developing a personal training product.  So why work with KettleBell Concepts? We are like minded people and we all believe that we can make a difference in the industry by providing, you--the instructor--with a solid educational product that doesn't scrimp on content, subject matter, or apologize for how in depth it is. I've raised the bar my entire career and expected my staff to meet me there. KBC does the same and that's why I'm proud to be associated with them."


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